Cancer is a natural part of the human body and only becomes a disease f our primary immune system is compromised, so that it cannot keep up with cancer to eliminate it

The fact that the Jewish doctor, Otto Warburg, who was protected by Adolf Hitler to continue his cancer research received the Nobel-prize in 1931, for his discovery that cells become cancerous because they convert from using oxygen to produce energy to using refined sugars to produce energy. If the root caused is known the cure is known. Simply eliminate refined sugars from your diet and cancer cells die by the millions!  I am convinced that the USA’s big pharmaceutical industry is responsible for promoting the myth that direct sunshine exposure causes cancer to ensure the majority of people do not get sufficient direct sunshine exposure for their body to naturally produce sufficient vitamin D3, D3 sulphate, cholesterol sulphate and subcellular melatonin. Vitamin D3 is required in every cell of our body to keep them healthy to prevent them from becoming cancerous, and subcellular melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant in our body produced in every cell of our body by infrared sunlight exposure, which quell diseases naturally in our body!