The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry control the medical education system to ensure Md. Are educated near perfect to perform emergency life saving medical procedures and acute life-threatening diseases but only to prescribe their poison drugs to manage symptoms and not cure any other diseases.

The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry uses their 1.2 trillion in USD annual income from prescription drugs sales to control the mainstream media to report only what they want them to report about natural health discoveries, so nothing jeopardizes their profitability, as they put making money ahead of curing diseases to save people’s lives!

First Hidden Nobel prize in 2016:  

second hidden Nobel Prize in 2016: These two hidden Nobel-prize discoveries are both related to the discovery of our dormant second immune system named autophagy, which is a zero-cost cure for every known chronic disease, cancer included. Thus, they threaten to obliterate the pharmaceutical industry’s illness business that they deceitfully describe as healthcare! The second hidden discovery is the fact that fasting activates autophagy. Sixteen hours of intermittent daily fast will activate autophagy. The greater health benefits from fasting are attained from an extended water only fast of 2-4 days per month, which initiates stem cells to regrow any damaged or non-functioning organs starting in the digestive tract, but includes growth hormone for muscle development and BDNF for neurogenesis. I suspect that it would include everything required for survival, such as macular to recover vision from AMD, (Aged Macular Degeneration).     I learned that Louis Pasteur was a complete fraud, so his germ theory, which the USA’s big pharmaceutical industry used to make money off making people ill with their poison drugs, is the reason for so much illness and healthcare is too expensive.  



The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry started their tactic of hiding every natural cure discovered in 1897, by hiding the greatest natural cancer cure discovered named CT62, which I am convinced if they had not hidden it cancer would be a non feared disease to this day, which has become their greatest money making disease because cancer is a natural part of the human body and only becomes a disease if the primary immune system is compromised, so that it cannot keep up with cancer to eliminate it. Overeating refined sugars compromises our primary immune system and is also the root cause of cells becoming cancerous, which was discovered by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931. Antibiotics compromise our primary immune system, but the worst to compromise our primary immune system is Roundup, which has killed the earth itself, so every person’s primary immune system is compromised! The western medical system is the USA’s big pharmaceutical industry’s illness business that they deceitfully describe, as healthcare! I am convinced that the USA’s big pharmaceutical industry is responsible for promoting the myth that direct sunshine exposure causes cancer to ensure the majority of people do not get sufficient direct sunshine exposure for their body to naturally produce sufficient vitamin D3, D3 sulphate, cholesterol sulphate and subcellular melatonin. Vitamin D3 is required in every cell of our body to keep them healthy to prevent them from becoming cancerous , , and subcellular melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant in our body produced in every cell of our body by infrared sunlight exposure, which quell diseases naturally in our body!