I have been blessed with the discernment of what Satan has done throughout human history to steal the perfect joy and happiness from us that we are born with:

1-  Invention of money about the year 770 BC, which God knew would be a requirement for his salvation of humankind through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, as it would only be for the money that, Judas Iscariot, would betray, Jesus Christ, to the Jewish leaders to put him to death on a cross to be raised three days later!

2-  The truth about marriage is the “I do” to perform sexual intercourse, not the “I do” in front of a human Pastor or judge, which if a couple waits using open honest and considerate communication until the man proposes marriage. The man will receive the gift from God of how to perform perfect sexual foreplay when his fiancé initiates their true marriage on her first ovulation post proposed to that results in perfect sexual intercourse that climaxes with simultaneous mutual whole being ecstasy generating ejaculation orgasms, which makes the couple mutually sexually addicted to each other for a guaranteed marriage until death we will not part, as no one will do anything to jeopardize that to which they are addicted!

3-  Invention of pharmaceutical drugs about 2400 years ago when Hippocrates lived. People were smart enough to listen to Hippocrates until the Fraudster, Louis Pasteur in the 1860s, germ theory!

4-  Mayer Amschel Rothschild started his banking empire in 1776, combined with starting the Illuminati under the Freemasons on May 1/1776, with the sole goal of enslaving humankind through money!

5-  George Washington was a Freemason Illuminati, who started the USA, on July 4/1776, as the most fraudulent democratic government with no elected politicians in history having any say in how the USA operates, and the sole goal of becoming the one ruling government worldwide!

6-  The USA passed the IOIA, (International Organizations Immunity Act) on December 29, 1945, which gives anyone granted this status through a Presidential executive Order to operate outside of the laws, which all NGOS are granted and Bill Gates received and he is too smug about using genetically modified vaccines to kill billions of people by his eugenics agenda to reduce the world population to only five hundred million people.  Patent WO / 2020/060606 relates to officially recorded facts. It was registered on March 26, 2020. It was made by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC under the presidency of Gates and gained international status on April 22, 2020. " Cryptocurrency system using body activity data " is the title of this patent.


7-  The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry started their tactic of hiding every natural cure discovered in 1897, by hiding the greatest natural cancer cure discovered named CT62! The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry started to control the medical education systems to educate Md. near perfect to perform emergency life saving medical procedures and treat acute life-threatening diseases, but only to prescribe their poison drugs to manage symptoms for every other disease!

8-  The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry hid the Nobel-prize awarded to the Jewish doctor, Otto Warburg, protected by Adolf Hitler to continue his cancer research for his discovery in 1931, that cells become cancerous by converting from using oxygen to produce energy to using refined sugars to produce energy, because if the root cause is known, the cure is known.

9-  The USA’s big pharmaceutical industry promote the myth that direct sunshine exposure causes cancer to hide the truth from the general public that our body naturally produces vitamin D3, D3 sulphate, cholesterol sulphate and subcellular melatonin from direct sunshine exposure, and vitamin D3 is required in every cell of our body to keep them healthy to prevent them from becoming cancerous!

10-         The USA started to use the weather, as a form of warfare immediately after the second world war by emitting nanoparticles from planes seen as chem trails flying overhead, as the normal jet engine emits no visible fumes flying overhead! These are toxins in our environment worldwide that combined with a toxic glyphosate containing nutrient deficient manufactured food diet, makes us ill.

11-         Modern wheat was developed by cross-pollinating the healthy ancient wheat to increase its yield and to make it somewhat resistant to pests. It was never tested for safety, and it is a poison that causes holes in our digestive tract within five minutes of being eaten, and if overeaten for three meals per day, which is probably the case for the majority of people, as modern wheat flour is the base ingredient of the majority of manufactured foods, it causes a leaky gut syndrome, which is the root cause of the  exponentially occurring autoimmune diseases!

12-              Modern wheat led Monsanto to the invention of Roundup, which the minuscule amount of the active ingredient glyphosate that remains in the foods that are made from produce sprayed with Roundup kills the good bacteria in our gut microbiome. Thus, it compromises our primary immune system, so every disease thrives, but especially cancer that is a natural part of the human body and only becomes a disease if our primary immune system is compromised, so that it cannot keep up with cancer to eliminate it! I had a gut feeling to research how much Roundup has been sprayed worldwide since it started in 1976. I conservatively calculated that about .06 pounds of Roundup has been sprayed per surface acre of the earth, not just cultivated acres, which is significantly more than a minuscule amount, so the earth’s  biodiversity or the earth itself has already been killed, making the earth non-life-sustaining, which is how Satan accomplished his vow that he would make humankind make the earth non-life-sustaining that was revealed to me in a vision in February 2006, of Satan deceiving Eve, into eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so that she and Adam would die from their angel-like beings with equal power and might, as Satan, to how humankind is to this day under Satan’s control! The vision included two revelations:

1-  Satan rebelled against God wen God refused his request for a visible physical human-like body on seeing that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image.

2-  Satan made the vow that he would make humankind make the earth non-life-sustaining.

13-         The USA took control of the SWIFT system that was inaugurated in 1974, so they could use it to control the world through the politically correct verbiage of economic sanctions to not let any countries buy or sell unless they met their demand, which forced Russia to be the first country to convert to a cryptocurrency to avoid the USA controlled world monetary system!

14-         Monsanto bought its chemical “M” food additive through the USA’s FDA in 1992, knowing that if fourteen percent of the test rats diet contained the additive their pancreas was damaged. Their additive is now in over seventy percent of the USA’s food supply, so there is no question why there has been an exponential increase in type II diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome in the USA since 1992! The Illuminati knew from their beginning that information is power, so they took control of the mainstream media to only report their misinformation to humankind, to control humankind.

This was the critical piece for the USA to push their bioweapon coronavirus plandemic on the world to force everyone to accept their bioweapon COVID-19 vaccine, which makes the vaccinated start to emit an IP address!