All ingredients are organic.

Use a ten cup Ninja Blender.

I use 300g bags of various organic frozen fruits and vegetables separated into 50g bags.

I use the greatest variety of organic dried fruits separated into 50g bags.

One 50g bag of black mission figs.

For perfect natural olive oil, I use one can of organic green olives.

For the greatest natural virus protection I include 1/3 cup of freeze dried elderberries restored in one cup of structured purified water. Some people might find the smell of elderberries offensive.

To promote the body's production of nitric oxide I include two organic small red beets per blend.

I use one 50g bag of one frozen fruit and vegetable and one dried fruit per blend of two days meals. I include one organic clove of garlic per blend. I include one cup of structured purified water per blend.

I include one 150g can of organic salmon. Because there is no guarantee that fish is toxic heavy metal mercury free. I include one tablespoon of each organic cilantro and chlorella to naturally detox heavy metals from the body. Other main herbs used in every blend are one tablespoon of spirulina.

One tablespoon of turmeric.

One tablespoon of rosemary.

One tablespoon of lion’s mane mushroom powder.

One tablespoon of marine phytoplankton.

One tablespoon of inulin.

One tablespoon of sweet basil.

One tablespoon of ginger.

One tablespoon of oregano. One tablespoon of coffee powder.

One tablespoon of minced onion.

One tablespoon of peppermint powder.

One tablespoon of grape seeds powder.

One tablespoon of pomegranate powder.

One tablespoon of ashwagandha powder.

One tablespoon of reishi mushroom powder.

One tablespoon of collagen powder.

One tablespoon of shiitake mushroom powder.

Matcha tea powder.

One tablespoon of milk thistle powder.

One package of bone broth powder.

One tablespoon of 7 mushrooms extract powder.

One tablespoon of dark chocolate powder.

One tablespoon of ground golden flax seeds.

One tablespoon of ground chia seeds.

One tablespoon of gingko biloba powder.

I use four tablespoons of organic unpasteurized liquid honey to prevent mold from growing in my blender between blends. I include one tablespoon of 42 different organic dried herbs powders over two blends for the greatest promotion of neurogenesis, which is my specific health concern, so each person can research to find the dried herbs specific for their unique health concerns to add to the cancer cure base ingredients. I use half of a box of stevia packets to make the smoothie somewhat sweet, without the cancer risk or increasing my nasal mucus flow that eating refined sugars does. I also learned that the mitochondria in every cell uses D-ribose sugar to produce ATP, especially in the heart to promote heart recovery from coronary heart disease. I had stopped unknowingly overeating sweets or refined sugars for the energy I had to work to balance my gut microbiome in 2018, which resulted in me not being able to sit working on my computer for longer than twenty minutes without dozing off, so I was in great anticipation to know if eating organic D-ribose sugar in my smoothie would provide me with increased energy on May 9/2022. I'm still in awe astounded by the surge of energy I felt in every cell of my entire body on swallowing the first mouthful of smoothie with the D-ribose sugar in it, which was too immediate to possibly be the D-ribose but only by my thinking that I would. It was more energy than I ever felt in my life before and it remained constant, as I sat working on my computer from 3:30 PM. when I ate lunch and I went to bed at midnight. My HR is near aerobic constantly in my life now in my most unique, medical, disabled and weakened condition, so I continue to eat one tablespoon of organic D-ribose sugar in each serving of smoothie. I don't experience the incredible surge of energy now eating D-ribose sugar, but my heart can use the natural benefit of D-ribose sugar. Every blend is a unique variety of fruits vegetables herbs, fibers, so it is the perfect simplest no thought health promoting diet! I pour the blender into six equal servings jars for each meal over two days. I learned that there was a mistranslation in Exodus 30 n 300 AD. Of a word into calamus instead of cannabis, and there was a reductyion of life expectancy in 300 AD from hundreds of years old to only thirty-five years old, so I got an appointment with a doctor to get a prescription to grow medical cannabis, high CBD, low THC. to include the leaves in my smoothie! I unknowingly started to consume the recommended two scoops 5-10g of organic Medi-C Plus vitamin C & L-Lysine formula with magnesium Ascorbate in May 2015. I learned in mid-2020, that a high level of vitamin C is the natural cure or prevention of any virus infection, and extreme high vitamin C can cure cancer. And osteoporosis is scurvy of the bones, so vitamin C is the natural cure, not calcium supplementation! I also make my own organic lectin free trail mix, and a serving of the organic VEGA Sport protein mix, because I am an athlete by default in my most unique medical, disabled, and weakened condition of the half physically dead, fully spiritually alive miracle man living! My walking wearing the Keith's less toe protecting footwear steel toe cover and my clothes is the most strenuous exercise that I can perform making my HR reach the maximum for my chronological age of 166 BPM  on June 28/2017, and my HR goes aerobic when I roll over in bed. I walked the marathon of 57000 steps inside my apartment four times in July/August of 2017, wearing only socks, but I could only walk half of the marathon wearing the Keith's less toe protecting footwear steel toe cover in the spring of 2019, as I felt my left foot pain for the first time since 2002, and I felt both of my legs doing any exercise for the first time in my life.